New year, new goals

Wow! I haven’t written for a while. I logged into WordPress and the whole interface is different now. But enough of that.

It’s 2016! My co-workers in the office have this thing of yelling “2016” very excitedly. So do they have knowledge of what is to come in 2016 that I don’t? Either way, they seem excited so I’m going to hop on board with that. Positivity definitely makes life easier.

Every year, I always make huge resolutions for the entire year that is hard to keep. This year, I want to take a different approach. This year, I’m going to make weekly, smaller goals which I hope can become habits that I keep throughout the year. I have a small attention span so hopefully by creating smaller goals, my messed up mind can somehow find it attainable.

Week 1: Take vitamins and meds everyday

November and December were just horrible for taking meds and vitamins. It was to the point where I forgot about them altogether. I started a new job so my mind was just so focused wrapping up the old one and starting the new. Then with the holidays… boy oh boy.

So after 2 months of not taking my Glumetza (a.k.a Metformin) my stomach is taking quite the hit. But I’ll get used to that eventually. So this week, I have forgotten 3 days… I’m going to definitely carry this goal over to next week.

You all might be thinking, “She has to take these meds and vitamins, this shouldn’t even be a goal!” But, I have the tendency to forget things easily. The basic things that sustain a human, I tend to forget. Sometimes, if you don’t tell me to eat, I’ll just carry on with my day. I also, don’t hydrate enough… I can go a whole day without a sip of water, which in no way is an accomplishment of any source. This takes me to…

Week 2 goal (week of Jan. 10/16): Drink an 8 oz. glass of water every 1-2 hours

So I’ve allotted myself 1-2 hours because along with a horrible memory, I have the bladder of a 1-year old. I’m standing up to go to the washroom all the time with or without water.

I’ve started semi-early with this week 2 goal by placing this in my living room:

Water jug and glass

Let’s hope that I am able to meet this goal. I’m going to start by setting reminders on my phone. Thank God I’m working on a mac now because my reminders carry over to my computer. I’m getting double the reminder!


Working on the paleo eating and my list of no foods. I’m starting off slow. So for example, I’m really limiting my eating out this week. So I’ll start tapering off. That will eventually become my weekly goal. Maybe week 3? Stay tuned!

But to tide us over, I’ve become addicted to my new vegetable spiralizer and my husband LOVES my potato noodles. He wanted to eat it the next day as well!


Here’s to a new year! Hope yours will be as great as mine because we’re all going to make it a great one, right?

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