Diet Day #7 – Time to introduce the gym back into my life this week?

*update* I managed to lose 2 pounds of just fat which my doctor was really proud of. I managed to lose weight in a healthy way in one week! 17 more pounds to go. Bad news is she’s leaving me on this diet for another two weeks but on the bright side, I get to add one piece of pitted fruit back! 

Diet Day #7… here we are! I’m going back to see my Dr. today so we’ll see what she says or how she’s doing. My scale has been out of battery for a few weeks so I didn’t get to weigh myself at all this week to see my progress. Which is a good and bad thing. Good because I might be surprised when I get weighed in today and bad because I don’t really know what to expect.

The withdrawal symptoms started getting better on Friday and I wasn’t feeling as horrible as the other days. The downfall was that this past weekend was our friend’s wedding weekend where we went away overnight. It was really hard to stay on diet because A) it was a wedding… I was not NOT going to drink and B) the food was amazing and we know the cook and his food is amazing. I didn’t go over the top cheat days but I also made that a huge excuse for eating what I wanted so it’s time to get on track this week.

This week, my goal is to make it out to the gym at least once this week. I don’t know how people find the motivation to go to the gym. After a day of work, my mind just wants to get home and sit on the couch. Once I’m home, I always do not have the mindset to get back into my car and to the gym. My husband and I drive in together for work, so I’m always driving home first. Where do you find your motivation to go to the gym?

The other thing that deters me from going to the gym is that I have no idea what to do or how to push myself. I understand that a personal trainer may be the way to go but between paying for fertility treatments and paying off school debt, paying an arm and a leg for a personal trainer is pretty out of reach. What do you do for your workouts?

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