Day 1… of many cycles…

So, I got to make the dreaded “Hi, it’s day 1” call to my doctor’s office today. Every month, I just wish that I never have to make that call… To me, it’s the call of utter failure, the call that slowly turns me into a bitter woman. Every month, I try to tell myself that this will be the month and then… that stupid “Day 1”.

It’s already pretty bad that I get the call that we’re not having a baby and then Mother Nature decides to rub salt on the wound with a “Day 1”.

So I came across this image and thought to myself, as I always do on “Day 1”, what I wouldn’t give to just be pregnant. I would welcome all the good and bad things with open arms. For once in my life, I honestly feel like I wouldn’t be complaining about my health. I would love to have an aversion to foods, even coffee! I would love to experience morning sickness, I would welcome that toilet with open arms every morning. I would love to get fatter than I already am knowing that I’ll have a baby… I understand when women tell me that having kids is hard work and that it destroys your body but at the same time, they don’t know how much I desperately want and long for a child. I sometimes just feel like saying, “I’ll accept the hard work and take your kid” but at the same time, it’s apparently a faux pas lol.

So right now, I’m allowed to feel pity for myself on “Day 1” because tomorrow, I’m going to wake up and “Day 1” will be over. It’ll be a brand new cycle, and who knows… it might be the one!

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