Talking to an invisible baby and then interrupted by my brain

So, I’ve been literally doing as many “old wives” tales as possible when it comes to the two week wait and post IUI.

Ed rolls his eyes when I wake up at midnight with the realization that I’ve forgotten to eat my pineapple. But I still drag myself down to the kitchen and just eat the pineapple in bed. But if we’re pregnant, that’ll show him!

Another “IUI Success Tip” that I read was to visualize what the egg and the sperm is doing. But, I decided to take this one step further by talking to my invisible baby. I know that I sound crazy but if it works, I’ll show you all! I tell my invisible baby to implant and that I’m excited to see him/her. I’m just trying to be really positive.

Yesterday, mid-conversation with my belly, my brain decided to interrupt the conversation. My brain decided to tell me that I’m a fool for thinking that this procedure worked. We’ve done 3 IUIs before this last one and none of them stuck, what makes me think that this time is any different? It told me that I look like an idiot talking to my belly when nothing is probably in there. I just look like a crazy woman who is talking to thin air. And that’s when the anxiety attack happened. All I could do was breathe through it and try to not burst out crying at work.

I understand that keeping my hopes up will only shatter my spirit when I get the call saying that my pregnancy test was negative. But after 3 failed IUIs, hope is all that I have left.

Hope, prayer and “old wives” tales that is.

Hopefully, if you are reading, you can keep us in your prayers over the remaining week of our two week wait. We’re in desperate need of it. And whoever has baby dust, feel free to send some my way!


  1. DitchTheBun | 1st Jun 15

    I don’t think you are silly at all. I think hope and visualisation are an important part of the process. Plus if you are crazy then so am I… I am on my first Clomid cycle and I am doing fertility meditation almost every night to try and help, part of that is to visualise the baby and pregnancy – I figure talking to your tummy is pretty much the same thing right?
    If my Husband chooses to say anything about it or look at me strangely I have no problems replying that I am no more mental than he and my father yelling at the football on the television thinking the refs or the players can hear them 🙂 hahaha

    • Linn | 1st Jun 15

      Yay! That makes me feel much better 🙂 good luck with your cycle! Sending positive thoughts your way!

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