What a whirlwind! 

I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been pretty crazy in our household.

We bought a house with my parents almost two years ago and things just weren’t working out. We really needed our own space and for a couple still in our 20s, it just got way too stressful especially since we are trying for a baby. It was just way too much pressure having my parents know every single thing about this process. As much as it pained me, we had to tell my parents that we need to go our separate ways. They didn’t understand because of their culture but I hope one day they’ll realize that it’s better for all of us.

While we were figuring out our living situation, Ed and I decided that because I was so stressed, it was for the best that we took a break from our treatments especially since we had spent so much money on 5 Gonal-F pens and i couldn’t ovulate. It just took such a huge toll on us. 

We started our cycle again. This time, Femara was added along with the Gonal-F injections. Our lifetime coverage for fertility meds has been officially maxed out so we’re on our own here on out. 

Onto the whirlwind… We went from day 8 to 17 with no follicles over 10mm. I was feeling very discouraged. I knew I had my day 18 bloodwork and ultrasound the next day so I told Ed that if there is still no sign of a follicle, we would just call it quits for this cycle and just try again the next cycle and ask our doctor for a new plan. Also, buying another pen would have been such a huge gamble especially since we didn’t even get one follicle the last cycle.

Day 18 came and as I was sitting in the room waiting for the nurse to come, I was getting ready to tell her that I want to cancel the cycle. She walked into the room and the first thing she said was “We have a follicle!” I was so happy! Just when I was about to give up and lose hope, I got this piece of good news. It was 13mm! I was scheduled in 2 days later for monitoring on day 20.

So, day 20. I was told that it was 19mm. So from that point on, I would have daily monitoring. My bloodwork levels were not high enough for the Ovidrel trigger shot yet so it was suggested that I come in the next day and we would discuss it more. But either way, we were told to expect IUI within the week.

Day 21. Everyone at the clinic is excited to see me because they saw my excitement that we are able to move forward. I had my ultrasound and was told to press down on my left side which I’m used to. But, the ultrasound was shorter than the last two and I didn’t hear the scroll of the machine measuring everything. I thought this was strange. I got changed and made my way to the consultation room. As I walked past the nurses’ station, I saw two of them look at me weirdly. Still strange. While sitting in the room, I heard the nurses call my ultrasound technician and then ask her if she really saw what she saw and she said yes. At this point, I’m nervous that they are talking about me.

Then, two of the nurses came in the room as opposed to one. They asked me if I felt like I ovulated and I told them I don’t feel a thing. Then, they proceeded with telling me that my 19mm follicle just disappeared overnight but my bloodwork from the day before didn’t show that I was ovulating. I was told that my bloodwork was going to be rushed to see if I ovulated and would be called within the hour. I was told that it happens. It’s rare but it happens. As I was driving home, I still cried because this is uncharted territory for me and I didn’t know whether this was all going to be a bust or not. 

I was told that if my levels indicated that I ovulated overnight, we would do IUI that sameday. I got home and woke Ed up and the both of us just waited by the phone. We got the call stating that we’re good to go for IUI and off we went! 

Compared to my old clinic, we were provided with so much more information. I was told to treat the next two weeks as a pregnancy which I was never told before. I’m trying to do everything that I can so that this works including the eating of 5 pieces of pineapple core and talking to my tummy. I must seem crazy to all of you but I am feeling very hopeful and just pray that God will bless us with a healthy, happy baby and that this procedure will work. Wish us luck everyone! Here goes the two week wait and the lovely progesterone gel! 

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