My rock

On a day like today, I look at my husband and realize how lucky I am to have someone like him. He’s one person that puts me before himself. Yes, sometimes he makes me angry but if the past two weeks has shown me anything, it has shown me that for every one time he has made me sad or angry, he also makes me 10 times more happy. Sometimes, I forget that when something bad happens, it happens to the both of us, but for Ed, he doesn’t focus on the pain that he is in but he focuses on me and how he can help make that pain go away. He doesn’t show me that he’s hurt too, he is just always there to console me.
Two Mondays ago, we had to cancel our cycle after spending over 1000.00 on medications but Ed still worked to cheer me up and tell me it was ok and that we had other opportunities and that it would happen for us.
Later that 1st week, Ed had the opportunity to participate in a WPT tournament event which has been his dream for as long as I can remember. That dream was taken away from him because of an error that was in no way his fault, but still, he picked himself back up and still made that weekend about me and how he can make it fun for me. 
When we got home after the weekend, my dad and I got into an argument. We agreed to have my parents live with us a little over a year ago and that was something that I should have never convinced Ed to agree to. It has been a very tense half a year where our home did not feel like our home. But Ed, being the man that he is, agreed to make me happy. I finally reached my breaking point and told my parents that this living situation wasn’t working and that we would find our own place, leave them the house, or we could buy them out since we bought this house together or just sell the house. Either way, it wasn’t working. My dad and I got into an argument and all of a sudden my cat just burst into this cry that sounded like a baby crying growling and hissing at me. That was the final straw for me because our cat is one animal that knows to cheer you up when you’re down and even he turned on me. Because of his aggressiveness Ed said that we may have had to put him down because he would be dangerous. Ed ended up protecting me even though he was scared himself. 
The past two weeks has taught me one great thing about my husband. That he truly loves me. God has blessed me with a man that loves me wholeheartedly. Even though we have our ups and downs, he’s always there for me. The past two weeks has taught me that we can make it through the hard parts of our life now, together. Infertility, our families and our troubles can be overcome together. Ed is the glue that is holding me together and whatever is thrown at us, I know that with Ed by my side, we can definitely make it through. I just hope that I can work to make sure that when times are tough for him, I can be the pillar for him like he is for me. 

I love you, Ed. I can never thank you enough for being the best husband in the world.

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