New cycle, Day 10 update

We started our new cycle last week. So far, I don’t really like our clinic but we keep telling ourselves that a) the clinic is local and we don’t need to drive two hours there and back at 5 in the morning and b) the doctor is really nice. For me, because we need to deal with the support staff daily, it’s really hard to see past the way they treat you. With my old clinic, on day three when you have your external ultrasound as well, I would be let in right away with them knowing that I have a full bladder. For the past few times where I had to do my testing and then my day 3 ultrasound, I’ve always had to wait over an hour before I was seen. I just have to keep thinking positively. Someone that I used to work with switched over to this clinic and she had a positive result so I just have to keep that in my mind the next time the clinic makes me unhappy.

We started a new medication for this cycle. So, I’m no longer on the Clomid, Femara, Menopur mix. Now, I get the Gonal-F pen and boy, is it ever expensive! I have to do the daily injections until I ovulate and if my cycles are what they always are, I might have to do injections until day 18 or 20. Our lifetime maximum for fertility drugs is almost gone so there’s just slight panic coming my way.

Day 10 and still no big follicles. The nurse looked really down today when she was telling me. It was great that I could reassure her that it’s completely normal for me. I usually don’t see anything start to happen until at least day 12.

On the weight loss front, I’m doing pretty well. Poundage lost so far: 7 lbs! I’ve cut out a lot of refined carbs so no more regular pasta and bread. I’m slowly trying to ease myself into the paleo diet so I’ve been cutting back. If I really need my pasta or bread, it’s whole grain only and in small quantities. I haven’t had any baked goods for what feels like forever. Let’s hope I can cut grains totally soon. Beverage wise, I’ve only been drinking tea or water. My husband has been really supportive too. He’s been making sure that I’m not consuming sugar. So once I get this whole diet process to full paleo, my next focus is on the exercise. I’m hoping to start by walking on the treadmill and build myself up to a run. I hope to fun my first 5k shortly so that will be a huge milestone for me if I can manage to run for that long. As of right now, I can’t even do 1k……..

But even though I have fitness goals that I want to accomplish this year, I’m hoping to have a baby over everything. So here’s to a new year with very ambitious goals!


  1. deborahcrocker | 22nd Jan 15

    Its going to be a great year, especially for you!

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