New doctor = new plan

E and I went for our follow up appointment this week to discuss our test results. My PCOS screening showed that my insulin was really high and then he said that I need to exercise and lose weight. It was actually great for E to hear that though because now that he hears it from someone else’s mouth, he’ll actually make me stick to things.

I asked the doctor what foods he suggests that I avoid. That was a big mistake… So foods I should avoid are any refined carbohydrates and especially potatoes. If you know me, you’ll know that I cannot live without potatoes. That’s going to be such a tough one. He also said that if I have complex carbs, that I should have the most minimal amounts possible. Pretty much no carbs.

He also told me to cut the sugar. No Pop and no juices. He said that if I really wanted juice or pop, I can have one at Christmas as a treat. Oh boy…

As E says, I need to just think of it as I am doing this for our future son or daughter.

Meds wise, I am switching from Clomid, Femara and Menopur to just the Gonal F pen. That pen just looks horrid and I felt like I wanted to pass out when she showed that to me. The plan is that I’m to use the pen everyday from day 3 until I ovulate. Hyperventilating now… But things will be ok. I hope…


  1. haydend2 | 27th Nov 14

    Have you tried glucophage for the insulin and weight loss? My fertility guy prescribed it for me for these reasons. Best of luck

    • Us hopefuls | 28th Nov 14

      He actually did. I’m on glumetza for 14 days once per day and then twice per day after that. My last doctor prescribed it too but I didn’t see a difference. Maybe the twice per day might do it 🙂

  2. ditchthebun | 28th Nov 14

    Fingers crossed for you!

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