A missed cycle and the need to stop making excuses

I started a cycle this past month and because of my new job and this new clinic not being able to work their schedule around, we had to miss it and postpone our tests for another month. So… as much as I need my period to have a baby, I felt like I could have saved myself from that extra cramp. Oh well, I’ll start the progesterone in a few weeks and hopefully we can get this last bit of testing out of the way and start our cycles again.

I’m glad that our doctor is being very thorough and I hope that he finds something that may help us with our baby making process.

On another note..

So, today I was going on a bit of a blog binge of my usual PCOS/Fertility blogs and I came across this excuse that I’ve been telling my family and friends:

I have an excuse

PCOS does not mean that we have an excuse: to not look after ourselves, to not exercise, to not be the most healthy version of ourselves we can be. Living with PCOS is difficult but its not an excuse. We are responsible for our own health and bodies and we need to make sure that each day we are doing all we can to get PCOS under control, not just for ourselves but for our families, our children and other women with PCOS.

Credit: PCOS Diet Support

Whenever anyone gives me words of encouragement, this is the exact thing I tell them: “I have an excuse. With PCOS, I can’t lose weight like normal people. My body just doesn’t function that way”. Reading the post today, just made me realize that my excuses are just my way of limiting myself. It is a way of putting myself down when others are trying to encourage me. This week, my goal is to not give this excuse to any of my friends or family.


  1. Elisha | 26th Oct 14

    Oh I so loved this post. I often make excuses too but I shouldn’t. I once was told that excuses are like buttholes. Everyone has them and they stink :/

    • Us hopefuls | 28th Oct 14

      Lol!! Your response just brightened my day! I’m going to keep telling myself that from now on 🙂

      • Elisha | 28th Oct 14

        And it was a teacher who told a student that which makes it even funnier considering I couldn’t stop laughing the entire class period after that. bahaha

  2. ditchthebun | 28th Oct 14

    That is a great goal. I admit I have used some version of this excuse. Something along the lines of “PCOS and Insulin resistance make it super hard for me to lose weight, I used to exercise, but now I am on medications that make me quite dizzy when I do cardio work” Whilst all of this is true I feel like it is an excuse and I should look for other ways to do more or at least be more active in general.

    • Us hopefuls | 28th Oct 14

      Lol I know that excuse all too well! At least you have a valid reason now 🙂 how are you food wise then? I’ve tried to cut the breads and pastas but I just keep procrastinating

      • ditchthebun | 28th Oct 14

        I was going really well on eating only wholemeal stone milled bread and cutting out concentrated carbs until the last week and a half where our schedules just went mental and my fatigue is back with a vengeance.
        I need to get everything back under control hahaha. I have done some research on low GI diets and when I am looking at what to make for dinner I will look for a low GI recipe which means I am not totally getting rid of the foods I like, but I am looking for a healthier way to eat them. I just need so much more knowledge than what I have right now 😛

        • Us hopefuls | 28th Nov 14

          I’ve been reading about the low amylose diet, have you heard anything about that? It sounds pretty much like the whole 30 or paleo diet to me.

          • ditchthebun | 28th Nov 14

            No I haven’t heard about it at all. Will have to Google it.

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