Here we go again!

After going on a baby making break for 3 months, E and I are back at it! This time, we are at a new clinic. But with a new clinic means all the tests again. I really like that our new doctor is being very thorough.

We had to do our diseases blood work last week. Clearly, my veins are still not in tip-top shape 🙁


I have the biggest bruise and am about to get another as I’m doing my 2 hour wait for the insulin and glucose test. After 12 years, I get to experience the PCOS screening all over again. Up next, a test that is like the HSG but with saline and ultrasound… I don’t remember what it’s called but I do know that they’ll be doing a uterine biopsy as well. A bit of TMI, women who have PCOS rarely get their periods or like me, none at all. No period means a buildup of the uterine wall which means a chance of cancer.

My last doctor didn’t consider this. So, in a way I’m glad that this is being done but I’m also really scared. I’m trying to look at things really positively but it gets really tough especially throughout this whole process where I’m always in the lower statistic and not in a good way either.

We get to do another 3 IUIs before we have the IVF conversation. Our doctor says that because we have age on our side, it’s not going to hurt. He is going to go with a different approach with the meds. We’ll see what that is after our investigation is done.

The plus side of this new clinic?
3) the staff are still really nice
2) they have a Keurig in the office! Big draw for me haha!

And most importantly…
1) It’s in town, so no more 1 hour drives 3 times per week

Well, my two hours are almost up. That drink was so disgusting. Never drinking anything artificial orange again!

Thanks for keeping me company!!


  1. Elisha | 14th Sep 14

    Praying for you and hoping this new clinic has some answers and new solutions. Hugs!

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