Week 7: oh boy…

So a couple things that have been pointed out to me.

A. I suck at paleo and B. I haven’t been taking care of myself.

I mentioned last year when I started this that I would do my best to not be a diet snob. I think in my quest to be accommodating to others, I jeopardized myself. When there are others around, I feel like I shouldn’t subject them to how I eat. However, in my mind, I feel like that is the perfect excuse for me to cheat and eat whatever I want.

Because I’m doing this for my hopefully future children, I need to start thinking like a parent. I need to put my children first. So, I need to start being good at paleo. For the rest of week 8 and for week 9 I’m going to do my best to create good habits in eating paleo.

Let’s hope that I can build a good one!

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