Week 4 sum up continued

Last night while writing my post I was interrupted by my UP bracelet which told me to go to sleep to meet my week 5 goal.

It took me a while to fall asleep because I wasn’t used to going to sleep so early. I ended up waking up at 4 in the morning because our cat, Butters, got sick. So that disrupted my sleep as well. Pretty much what I’m trying to say is that I hit that snooze button like there was no tomorrow. Let’s hope tomorrow morning is much better!

Back to week 4…

We did a lot of cooking at home last week and would cook in excess so that we would have lunches.

  • Monday: Slow cooked roasted sticky chicken – We had this for Sunday night dinner and had tons left over so we were able to bring this for lunch. The recipe says to roast it in the oven but we just throw ours in the slow cooker on low for 7 hours.
  • Tuesday: We cheated on Monday night 🙁 We went out for wings. The place that we go to serves massive wings on their wing night so we always have leftovers.
  • Wednesday: Taco salad – For Tuesday night dinner, we had taco night but instead of tortillas (trying to stick to my diet), we used lettuce as wraps. The next day, we just threw all the leftovers together as a taco salad.
  • Thursday: Pulled Pork salad – I made us pulled pork for lunch on Wednesday night. I did a dry rub and threw it in my slow cooker which is what gave it so much juice. The next day, we just cut up romaine lettuce and threw our pulled pork on top as the “dressing”.
  • Friday: Chilli Cook-off! Work had a chilli cook-off for lunch on Friday so my mother-in-law graciously cooked my chilli for me (yes, I know it was major cheating but I let everyone know I was doing that… so that’s ok right?). “We” got second place! I did my best to stick to my diet-approved chilli recipes which my mother-in-law’s happened to be one of them 🙂

Let’s hope that this week, I can continue bringing my lunch and eating it. My debit card is still sitting at home so I guess I have no choice. Which leads me to telling you the inconvenience of it being at home… I have my naturopath appointment in which I may not be able to pay for since it is sitting at home. Time to call the naturopath….

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