Week #3 and a new layout

Recap of my previous 2 goals:

Goal 1

This week, I forgot my vitamins at home. Not once, but twice. So I’m still working on this.

Goal 2

Water was pretty much non-existent. I’m struggling with finding ways to drink water or remembering to drink water. Somehow, I still remember to drink my coffee though.

Week #3 goals

I’m combining goal 1 and goal 2. I know it’s kind of a cop-out but it’s a huge deal that I can’t get this to work for me! So let’s see if I can actually go the rest of the week in accomplishing this. On the bright side, I’ve finished 1 bottle of water.

New layout and a new name

So, if you’ve read my ranting before, you’ll see that I have changed the name and layout of my site. Since it’s a new year, why not?

I don’t even know if the name makes any sense but I’m trying to lose weight and becoming healthier for the potential of one day being able to become a mother. Get it? I figure that I should move from feeling sorry for myself to actually doing things to make it happen. So yes, that is my new approach to this whole infertility thing. Yes, there will be days where I’m going to sit here and rant to you about how life sucks without a baby and everyone else is popping them out like it’s not a big deal. But for the most part, I’m going to try to tell you how I’m overcoming this and hopefully help other women in the same boat as me be able to have an ounce of hope that this may happen for them as well.

Which leads me to…

 Trouble with my Dr. aka Naturopath

Judge me all you want, but the woman knows what she’s talking about and is actually helping!

After getting pushed by doctors galore about trying treatments, I was finally able to find someone who has explained my condition in great length.

She also wasn’t too happy that A) I didn’t take my meds all of November and December and B) Haven’t been following my diet. So, all in all, I was told that either I give it my all (100%) at this point and get decent results or half-ass it and get 20% results. As much as it’s going to hurt this foodie/fattie, I guess the logical choice is to go with the former.

This week is my eat what is left of “no” foods and start fresh next week. I know you’re not supposed to do that but along with struggling with food, I’m a cheapo at heart lol

Maybe I’ll make that a week #4 goal to start incorporating my proper paleo food!

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