Cycle day 3… More drugs and drama!

Let’s start with yesterday. I had the good ol’ religion argument with my mother. She thinks that I haven’t been praying earnestly enough and I haven’t been going to church every week (my cycle monitoring and IUI procedure all happened to fall on a Sunday). She told me that my doctor isn’t doing anything for me so I should pray harder and it’ll happen. I just snapped at this point. Everyone else tells me to hang on in there and not to give up, whereas my own mother pretty much just told me to leave this to prayers.

I can tell you one thing… Just because I have all the faith in the world, doesn’t mean that I don’t have to do my part. It’s like not studying for an exam and then praying for God to give me an A. It just doesn’t happen that way.

I must warn the next person that tells me to not rely on my doctor. If you tell me that, I will snap!

Day 3 cycle monitoring…

So… On top of all my meds, I’m now being put on a small dose of steroids. My fertility nurse explained to me that the steroids will be knocking down a “wall” so that my meds would work faster. I’m currently ovulating between day 18 and 20 which is extremely slow. I’m hoping that this works. It’s really hard when I need to lose at least 10-15 pounds and being put on these meds.

I’m starting to read the Overcome PCOS Guidebook from the website Overcome PCOS. So far so good. She has a few really great tips. I need to lose this weight for our future baby and I’m trying really hard to convince my husband to do this “5 foods to avoid” diet… “For the baby” lol! Eventually playing the “for the baby” card is going to run out for me but for now… I might as well use it while I can!


  1. anonymous | 10th Jun 14

    If you have siblings, I am sure they will want a nephew/niece as badly as you want your child and are willing to support you by doing this with you and working out with you.
    Maybe that will convince your husband too!

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