Swim, spermies, swim!!!

We had our third IUI yesterday and surprisingly, I didn’t cry this time. Usually, the nurse would have to stop multiple times during the procedure but yesterday, it took almost no time at all. My husband looked at me like I was a little child who did so well at the doctor’s lol. I really hope that this is the last one that we’ll have to do for a while. I just cannot wait to have a baby… or babies, to hold…

We had two mature follicles both at 1.9 cm. I had to take the HCG shot and was in a lot of pain just from the shot. The nurse had to make sure we understood what two follicles meant… a chance of having twins! We are totally fine with having twins… just more of a chance for having 1 made me happy. But twins? That would be the dream!

The next two weeks is just going to be torture. Every time I go through the two week wait, it’s always torture. The thoughts of whether I would get a BFP or not just drives me nuts. I go through the emotional roller coaster of convincing myself that this will be the one  and then I go back to thinking that it’s not going to happen. So, any advice out there of how I should be thinking?

In the meantime, everyone needs to keep cheering on the spermies! My husband has been humouring me by saying, “Swim, spermies, swim!” I love him. He’s really ready to be a dad and a BFP could be a late Father’s Day gift

Wish me luck during these next two weeks. Hopefully, I don’t go insane!

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