IUI… Paint today and pain tomorrow

My husband and I decided to finish out our cycle with our current clinic and a good thing we did because for the first time in a long time, I have two follicles that are mature!!

Yesterday I had a discussion with the fertility nurse about whether I would wait to surge naturally or to trigger it with the HCG shot. After the discussion and the realization that my estrogen levels were great, if I didn’t surge on my own then we would trigger it.

I’m always scared of the HCG shot. I’m always in pain after it and it’s sore to the point that I can’t even bend over for a few days. But you know what? I still think it will be worth it especially if we have two mature follicles and more of a chance to get pregnant.

I’m really nervous about the IUI too. For some reason, I have really bad cramps as it is being done. The last time, I ended up crying on the table from the pain and my poor husband didn’t know what to do.

So here’s to hoping for a successful IUI, third time is always a charm!!! … Right?

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